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© mercibeaucoup, All Rights Reserved.
merci standard
fluffy skirt


fluffy skirt

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Season: 2019 AW


Fine brushed 100% cotton item can be worn all through autumn and winter.

merci standard
fluffy skirt

Season: 2019 SS


Shirt-fluffy skirt is a must-have item for breezy summer. Gray is added as a new color.Let’s enjoy the summer a little bit lady-like.

Season: 2018 AW


The fluffy skirt of everyone's favorite plaid is an item to be loved by many people.
The combination of standard items further evolved fluffy skirt.

Season: 2018 SS


It became the long length with keeping its special silhouette. Since the material is denim, it is easy to challenge even those who usually do not wear long skirt.

Season: 2017 AW


“Fluffy Skirt” appeared in collaborative products that were regularly released. In collaboration with Lee and Dickies, a new aspect of Fluffy Skirt was expressed.

Season: 2017 SS


There is a convenient pocket when there is, but the hand may hurt when the zipper hit. So we changed the right pocket to a slash pocket without zipper.

Season: 2016 AW


Shorten the length a bit, and then it became easier to fit any tops. The voice from the customer made the product better!

Season: 2016 SS


“Fluffy Skirt” began to become the standard item of our brand. In this season, we enjoyed a adventure by using special materials. There was “Fluffy Skirt” of a characteristic texture that cotton was put on hemp and the color of cotton looked through.

Season: 2015 AW


Put rubber in the waist and increased the size expansion to three so that more people could enjoy this skirt Also, we named it “Fluffy Skirt”.

Season: 2015 SS


Put rubber in the waist and increased the size expansion to three so that more people could enjoy this skirt. Also, we named it “Fluffy Skirt” .

Season: 2014 SS


"Button batch" is an introduction. In the shape of a button, It is soft batch as cloth made mocho. Try on the button I tried it instead of a tie Also for hair accent! Mercy seemingly playful It is a button batch.